303 4 in 1 Metal Polish

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Cleans, polishes, seals, and restores all metal surfaces!

303 4-in-1 Metal Polish is an easy to use, non-toxic polish that will clean and restore any metal surface, as well as protect them from future degradation. Using a non-hazardous formula, 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish will remove rust and corrosion, as well as general dulling, from chrome, stainless steel, diamond plate, silver, gold, copper, brass, nickel, aluminium, magnesium, and more! If you metal needs a brightening up, 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish is perfect!

There’s nothing quite like the bright shine of chrome on your vehicle. This eye-catching sight is popular at classic car shows, thanks to the amount of metal used on bumpers back in the day. While modern day cars don’t have as much “authentic” chrome and metal on them, stainless steel exhaust pipes and aluminium steps still need a thorough detail every now and then. 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish will clean and polish your metal of all dirt, debris, exhaust, and more – restoring that once brilliant shine

Metal polishing is dirty work – but so worth it. Sometimes you don’t even realise how badly your metal needed work until you’ve finished the job and seen the amount of black residue on your microfibre towels. And what if that was only the first step, and you still have to seal and protect it!? You’re looking at another 2-3.5 hours of work! But not if you’re using 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish!

303 4-in-1 Metal Polish helps bring back the shine and finish to your metal surfaces with it’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, and easy to use formula. Remove rust and corrosion, prevent futures scratches, and restore the shine and luster of your chrome, brass, gold (yes, it even works on jewlery and household cutlery!), stainless steel, copper, magnesium, aluminium, silver, and nickel – all with 303 4-in-1 Metal Polish!
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