Clb Citrus Passion Wheel Cleaner 1L

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Clb Citrus Passion Wheel Cleaner 1L
Clb Citrus Passion Wheel cleaner is made using Natural Orange Extract giving it a refreshing Orange scent whilst being gentle to wheels.
The orange scent is 100% genuine as natural orange extract is the key component in this product which breaks down tar and other hydrocarbons that are accumulated on alloy wheels from braking and poor road surface conditions. Completely Acid Free this outstandingly safe wheel cleaner can be used on most types of wheels.

Compatability: Safe to use on most types of wheels including
  • Painted
  • Powder coated finishe
  • Alloys

When using on delicate surfaces like chrome, Polished or bare metals Dilute 1:5 and test on an inconspicuous area first. 
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