Clb Medium Grade Clay bar 100g

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Clb Medium Grade Clay bar 100g
Clb Clay Bar is a medium grade clay used for the removal of bonded surface contaminants. It is slightly more aggressive than our Yellow Fine grade clay and will remove contaminants faster.

Suitable for use on:
  • Overspray
  • Industrial Fallout
  • Water Spotting
  • Tar
  • Rail Dust
  • Tree Sap
  • Wheels
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic

How to use:
Simply wash the vehicle as normal to remove loose contamination, there is no need to dry the surface. Cut a small piece of clay off and kneed in your hand until workable, then splay it out in the palm of your hand. Using a suitable Quick Detailer or Clay lube spray a small area and gently glide the clay across the surface.

There is no need to apply pressure as the clay and the lube will work together to pull the contamination from the paintwork. Keep checking the clay as you do not want to be scratching and collected contamination back into the surface. If you hear a noise similar to scrapping then turn the clay over and use the other side. Once you have used both sides get a new piece of clay.
Using a clay bar before polishing ensures the surface is smooth and maximum levels of gloss are achieved.
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