Clb Trim Care Silicone Free Interior Dressing 1L

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Clb Trim Care Silicone Free Interior Dressing 1L
Trim Care is a silicone free non-greasy Interior Dressing that has been specially formulated for detailing interior plastics and is designed to leave a durable sheen finish rather than a shine as associated with silicone based interior products.

Trim Care restores interior plastics, vinyl and rubber to showroom condition with no greasy residue.

For use on:
  • Dashboards
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • PVC surfaces
  • No nasty artificial smells
  • Trim Care will revive your vehicles interior and replenish that New Car scent.
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Hello I recently purchased some of your Clb Trim Care Dressing when I went to billing for the Vauxhall show and its GREAT stuff really works well. I had trouble finding one I liked but this is Great just what I was looking for.I am interested in getting some other items from you I just wanted to know how to order and how delivery works.

Weight: 1kg