FLEXIPADS 135mm Hex-Logic GREEN Heavy polishing pad

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FLEXIPADS 135mm Hex-Logic GREEN Heavy polishing pad
The Flexipads Hex-Logic Foams feature a grooved surface with hexagonly cut paths designed to retain compound and provide an incredibly even finish. These pads have been developed using the finest foam available and the latest in pad construction for superior results.

The self-centred pad has a V like construction. The face of the foam pad is wider than the backing pad, offering a 1 protector, which means you will never damage the surface with the backing pad. Hex-Logic pads are constructed of different density Foam and the various colours resemble the cut of the pad. The Hex-Logic computer detects the density of the pad and adjusts the depth of cut ino the pads surface.

The Hex-Logic pattern is cut into the surface at the selected depth to ensure even distribution of product while retaining maximum coverage on the surface. These pads are ideal for achieving the best results from your products.

  • Premium Quality Foam
  • Hex-Logic design for even distribution of product
  • Suitable for use with all Machine Polishers
  • Longer lasting and more durable
  • Unique Patented system delivers a safer pad with less vibration
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