FlEXIPADS 150 x 25mm "COOLSHINE" RED velcro finishing pad

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FlEXIPADS 150 x 25mm "COOLSHINE" RED velcro finishing pad
Flexipads Coolshine are designed to reduce the Heat Build up that you would get with some other brands of polishing pads. The new waffle design allows air to circulate through the pads and thus reduce heat build-up caused by friction. Flexipads are suitable for Rotary and Dual action polishers.

There are several grades of polishing and compounding pads.The Red Coolshine Flexipad is a soft finishing pad. This pad is generally used in conjunction with a polish or finishing compound to refine the finish on paintwork.

Product Features:
  • High quality foam
  • Durable pads that last longer
  • Perfect size for our 150mm backing plates
  • Hook and loop fitment* Ideal for polishing and finishing
  • New Waffle design that reduces heat build up
  • 150mm x 25mm (6" pad)
  • Suitable for Rotary and Dual Action polishers
  • Max RPM 2500
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