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Imperfections in glass can obstruct your view, removing those imperfections can be a difficult and slow process. When using the right products this task can become relatively quick and easy.

Flexipads Rayon Glass Polishing Discs are constructed from durable rayon fibres bonded to a heat resistant hook and loop backing material.As a result they offer long lasting cutting power on glass surfaces with minimal friction and heat production, which makes them ideal for removing marring and fine scratches when used in conjunction with a good quality glass polish.

Guide to setting up your polisher:

The polishing pad/Foam should always protrude past the edge of the backing plate (never the opposite way round)* It is imperative that the pad is centred on the backing plate, it may take several attempts if you dont get it right then the machine will not remain balanced during use.

During use keep cleaning the polishing pad to ensure any contamination or crystallised polished is removed. (If you fail to keep the pad clean micromaring and surface scratching will occur)

Once you have finished with the pad either use a pad cleaning solution or run the pad under warm water and massage with your fingertips to remove any polish residue.* When not in use store in a dust free environment, either in a plastic box or a zippy bag.
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