Peek Metal Polish Paste 1L


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Peek Polish works on all Metals, Fibreglass, Perspex, Eisenglass, mirrors, clouded glass and crystal, leaded glass, ceramics and ceramic tile, porcelain, enamel, granite, marble, laminates and Formica, linoleum, plastic convertible windows, plastics, Plexiglas, Lexan, acrylic, powder coating, auto and aircraft paint (to remove stains and buff out surface scratches), solid vinyl, polyurethane; all non-porous surfaces.

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Acid-Free
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Safe on Skin
  • Exceptional Quality

Peek Polish is superior on a wide range of surfaces. Peek has enjoyed consistent quality since its inception. The use is simple; the results conclusive Peek’s easy wipe-on wipe-off formula cleans, polish, protects and restores a deep rich shine on all metals and fibreglass. Peek quality is second to none.

Peek polish safely restores tarnished and damaged metals: chrome, aluminium, magnesium, and alloy wheels.

Can be used brass, copper, silver, gold, aluminium, chrome, magnesium, diamond plate, stainless steel as well as many other metals excluding anodized and lacquered metal.

Can also be used on food surfaces as it is NSF certified​​​​​​

Application tips

  • Apply Peek® sparingly. Do not let dry. Rub briskly on surface to be cleaned, using a dry or damp cloth.
  • On large surface areas, Peek® may also be applied using a low-speed buffer (under 1000RPM).
  • On intricate surfaces, Peek® may be applied using an old toothbrush surrounded by your polishing cloth.
  • On minor rust or stubborn deposits, Peek® may be applied with a nylon scouring pad or bronze/steel wool.


Brand peek
Weight 1kg


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