Poorboys EX-P Sealant


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Poorboy’s EX-P is a pure sealant that easily brings out the brilliance and clarity of new and well-maintained vehicles. EX-P is an Amino Functional Resin which combines ease of use with unbeatable protection and shine. EX-P can be used in sun or shade and is compatible with most other products.

We believe that Poorboy’s EX-P Sealant is one of the best value for money synthetic paint sealants on the market today. The full effectiveness of this product can be seen on mid-tone metallic and pearlescent finishes. As with most pure synthetic paint sealants it the richness and beading strengths fall behind slightly. However this product more than makes up for that in terms of glossy slickness and Flake pop.

Poorboy’s EX-P Sealant can be applied equally well by hand or dual action machine.

Methods of application:

Poorboy’s EX-P Sealant should always be applied to freshly polished paintwork.

By Hand:
Apply 2-3 pea sized drops onto a damp applicator pad like the Clb Foam applicator or German applicator and apply as thinly and as evenly as possible to one panel. Allow the EX-P to cure to a haze for up to 30 minutes and then buff off with a soft detailing cloth. For a deeper shine allow to cure for up to 60 minutes before buffing off. Repeat this process on each panel.

By DA Polisher:
For best results using a dual action polisher, Poorboy’s EX-P Sealant should be applied to freshly polished paint using a Finishing Pad. Apply 1-2 pea-sized drops of product for each per panel, and should be worked in thoroughly until only a thin film remains. Allow this film to cure for up to 30 minutes and then buff off using a soft detailing towel like the Clb Ultimate Detailing Towel. Repeat this process on each panel.

When applying this product in direct sunlight do one section at a time and remove immediately.


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