Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax White


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Poorboy’s Natty’s Paste Wax is a high quality wax without the High Price Tag that is typically associated with Carnaubas. Patented UV light absorbers keep your paint fresh and protected throughout the life of the wax. You’ll love the way your paint looks and feels under Natty’s.


Using a damp foam applicator, apply a thin even layer. Allow the Wax to cure to a haze and buff off with a Clb Ultimate Detailing Towel, or if you want to do the whole car then buff off, it’s all good! Apply additional layers to increase the depth and glimmer

Like all Poorboy’s products, it was made to be foolproof. Even first time users will always get professional-looking, jaw-dropping results! Applying waxes in direct sunlight is usually a big no-no, but Natty’s seems to thrive in the hot, glaring sun. It’s very resilient and very impressive! Your car’s surface will feel satiny-smooth under your fingertips.

Use it alone or as a “topper.” Natty’s Paste wax can be applied itself for stunning results. Unfortunately, the life of a Carnauba wax is much shorter than a paint sealant. Poorboy’s recommends using Natty’s over a paint sealant for maximum longevity and an eye-popping wet gleam. It is clear and reflective which means layering it over a sealant like EX or EX-P will add another protective layer to your car while adding the richness of Carnauba.

To increase the durability of your Natty’s Paste Wax, try Poorboy’s QD+ between major wax applications. This gives a couple of benefits: it replenishes the oils that evaporate from the wax over time, helps wipe away contaminants, dirt and dust that have accumulated, kicks up the shine, AND adds fresh Carnauba to the Natty’s that covers the car. QD stands for “quick detail” and that’s exactly what it is. I’d suggest it to anyone over a sealant but specifically over a Carnauba wax—in literally minutes you can attain a freshly-detailed finish while extending the time between major wax applications by weeks!


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